A Reasonable Training Plan

After much scouring of the Internet, I think I’ve found a reasonable training plan for the B2B. A lot of them are VERY comprehensive, which is great, but I often shy away from the ones that require multiple work outs per day. Come on, people! It’s summer and I have a family. I’d like to be able to see them sometime. Anyway, the plan was created by Matt Fitzgerald and so far I’ve been able to stick to it. The link can be found here.

In other news, training has officially begun. Last night was a nice four mile run followed by a rain shower that just happened to start as I returned to my house. Taking it for a sign, I plopped down in the grass and enjoyed it. 


Nothing like a good rain shower after a run

Training will continue tomorrow with our weekly channel swim. The south to north route is my favorite. Due to my lack of bilateral breathing, I am reassured every time I see a dock.

And finally, speaking of swimming, I seem to have lost my B2B swim cap from last year, my goggles, and my son’s goggles (which I just bought a month ago).ARGGH!!! Does anyone else lose goggles the way my family does?? Happy training, Nancy¬†