Thanks to Pinterest and some other blogs I follow, I recently found some pretty good recipes to enjoy during training. 

These lemon energy bars are simple to make and are delicious! I was a Larabar fan, but these are much better. 

Another recipe I really like are these rice bars. They’re a nice mixture of sweet and salty and are great for the bike. If you can’t find sticky rice, you can always use risotto. 




It’s Where We Live

Saturday morning I was fortunate enough to get a mini-tri in with some friends. Technically it wasn’t really a triathlon, but we did cover all three sports.

Living on the East Coast I’m very lucky to have a wonderful climate and opportunities to exercise outside pretty much all year. The city that I live in has experienced a population boom although the roads have not matched the growth, we are fortunate to have some semblance of a bike trail system. It is by no means comprehensive (Denver) or even enough, but I’m lucky enough to be able to leave my house and get to the beach by bike.

Knowing I had to had to get a 20 mile bike done this weekend I thought it might be fun to ride to the beach, get in a postponed swim, and ride back. The swim was postponed due to all the rain we’ve been having this week. Swimming in e. coli just doesn’t sound appetizing to me or my friends, so we postponed our regularly scheduled Friday swim for Saturday.

The water we swim in is in a channel that flows by the ocean. It’s a heavily developed area with plenty of roads and houses. It’s clean water for the most part, but when it rains you don’t want to risk getting sick. Too many dogs, yards, etc. I have a friend who I swim with who conducts water quality testing as part of his job so if he gives the heads up then we go.

Anyhoo, we met at T’s house and road to the beach, dropped our shoes at the end, and rode our bikes to the put in. The wind was blowing hard from the south and you could see the current moving. It was going to be a great swim. Twenty (!) minutes later we were done and headed back to our bikes. I was worried about the traffic, but in all I saw two boats.

It was such a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, and as I went to breathe I could see golden water drops from the sun’s reflection. It was so pretty I wanted to keep going, which is a rarity.

It was mornings like this that make me feel so grateful for having the time, the opportunity, and the friends to enjoy this beautiful place I’m fortunate to call home.