Flat City

flat tubesI feel like my good karma has finally run it’s course. Ever since I started training again this year I have had nothing but flat tires. It’s always the back tire, it’s always after a ride. Or once, it was a bad tube. It didn’t even happen after a ride. I’ve taken my bike to the shop and have purchased numerous tubes. Finally, after yet another flat Sunday am, I decided to bite the bullet and spend $45 on a tire. I always check the spokes, check the inside of the wheel rim, the whole nine yards. I have come to believe that this is just a way of making me feel comfortable about changing a tire, which is something that I’ve always feared doing. Maybe with enough practice I’ll acquire the speed of a NASCAR pit crew. One can only dream.

I picked up a GatorSkin for the back tire. Made of Kevlar, this tire is supposedly bullet proof. We’ll find out soon enough since I have a long ride (35-40 miles) Sunday am. The route that we’re going will follow the B2B course so it will give me an opportunity to re-acquaint myself with the course and work on my nutrition.

Speaking of nutrition, I’m going to pick up a rice cooker today and really start to delve into the Feed Zone cookbook

I’m planning on making these tonight. I’ve got a seven mile run tomorrow so they will be perfect to try out for my run as well as my Sunday am bike.

Here’s a song that’s going to be on repeat on my iphone for my run tomorrow:  Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time.  Courtesy of Spotify. Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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