Great Blues and Paddleboards

It seems I write a lot about my early morning swims, which in one respect, is pretty confusing to me because it’s my weakest aspect of triathlon. Not that I’m stellar on the bike or the run, but I am a super slow swimmer. Just putting it out there. But to me, swimming has this visceral sort of beauty that I don’t get while biking or running. I never see a great blue heron on the channel banks in the pre-dawn light while biking. I am never startled to see paddleboarders while running. But to me, everything is kind of hazy and sleepy at 6 am and that fog can provide great beauty.

Speaking of swimming, I signed up for a four week swim clinic. As usual, I was the last one to finish a 400 meter time trial, but that’s the point of being there, right? To get faster? I learned a lot in that first hour, especially kicking from the hips, rotating the body, pulling from the armpits, and not lifting the head. I tried incorporating all of these techniques this am but realize that it’s going to take some pool time as well.

Training is coming along. As with anything of this magnitude, it’s all little steps that lead to the larger effort. Last weekend consisted of a 6.5 mile run and a 36 mile bike ride on the B2B course route. Last year I didn’t ride the route at all, which in hindsight, might have been a good thing to do since riding it last week I remembered the water stops, the distance, etc. It’s nice to have a perspective of where you are in the race and how your body is feeling.

I was talking to my son this am and he asked me what the hardest part of B2B was for me. He then said that he wants me to run the entire half marathon course this year. He’s very opinionated on this. But then again, he’s a fast little sh*t so there’s that 🙂

So I try (tri?) to be a good example to my child, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, to show him that you can accomplish so much in this life if  you get out of bed and just start moving.

“So we beat on,  boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” A little Gatsby for you on this Friday am and below, an image of one of my favorite things about channel swimming.


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