Wrightsville Beach Triathlon aka Oh Sh*t It’s Raining

Can you tell that it's dark o clock and raining?

Can you tell that it’s dark o clock and raining?

Rain. That’s what I found when I opened my garage door Saturday am at 5:15. In the past I might have said “forget it”, closed the door, and headed back to bed. But not today. Today was a brick, another training day, and an opportunity to do the same swim course as the Beach to Battleship (minus some distance). Plus, my friend Jennifer was driving down from Topsail Beach for her first open water swim so I had to be there.

Luckily for me it wasn’t a cold rain. And in a way it was kind of nice because it seemed to keep some people away. Usually this is a big race and once you get to the swim start it’s hard to find people you know. Fellow triathletes congregate on this beautiful green lawn and usually it’s covered with people, but this year it wasn’t. Tracy and her husband Steve came over via boat and was able to spot us right away which was awesome. She’s done the race and is a regular swimmer so we talked tides, wind direction, and the best way to go. It’s a straight path and then a bend kind of swim, but if the tide is pushing you need to take that into account.

I’m happy to say that my sighting was good (for me anyway- I tend to zigzag), and I was able to line up where I wanted to, make the turn, and continue around the bend to the finish line ladders. Although super slow, I felt good, just plodding away. Made it into transition one (T1), tried to get the grass off my feet and off I went.

The bike was a lot of fun. I got into a pack and tried to see how many people I could pass without blowing out my legs. I got passed on the right once, which freaked me out and I saw a guy skid out on a turn right behind me. Wet roads + turns= slow down! Funniest thing about the bike must have been my wet road shoes. They were squishy! It was kind of gross.

The run was just a normal 5k. Saw Tracy and Steve again by a coffee shop. They were in the “breakfast burrito” division, according to her, which made me laugh.  She refused to give me a cup of coffee.

Made it to the finish in seven minutes faster than the previous year which made me very happy. Wanted to stick around and chat, but I had to get home in order to roll into Chris’ car to head to Myrtle Beach for little C’s soccer games. I threw my bike in the garage, hopped into his car, tri suit on and all, and changed en route to the game. I’m sure I smelled lovely and looked even better.

A huge shout out to my friend Jennifer, who not only completed her first open water tri, but did it after being in New Orleans for a full week and to the 11(!) year old local girl who did her first WB tri as well. Solo. All by herself. Freaking awesome. To her credit, her parents are huge triathletes/runners as well. I told this to little C and now he’s all hyped up to do a relay. The part he wants to do? The run. Of course. Legally, he has to be ten, but I might have to send out an email and just poke around a bit. Maybe there’s one he can do when he’s nine? Hmmm…..

We're so sexy

Jen and I. We’re so sexy

Five weeks until Beach 2 Battleship. If I don’t start running some longer distances I’m going to be toast. Motivation, where are you?? This cooler weather should help me get moving. It’s perfect running weather here in the southeast.


Six Words You Should Say Today

Today is a big day for little C. Tonight is his favorite 5k- a scenic out and back run that traverses along the waterfront, and along our historic downtown. We’ll pass by restaurants with outdoor dining, and if I’m observant, I’ll see him on the way back. I loved watching him run this event last year. Since it was an out and back, I knew that I would see him, but the image is engraved in my mind, his small body keeping pace with runners much older than he, his grin on seeing me, the look of pride on his face at keeping up with all these adults. He told me he got so many high fives and “way to go’s” on that race and even caught up to a friend of mine and ran a portion of the race with him. My heart just swells with pride thinking of that image of him and I just want to cry.


That feeling of pride reminded me of The Hands Free Mama and her philosophies. Brought to my attention by my dear friend and running partner Tracy, she once mentioned an article she read about how children perceive parent’s comments. So often our words that we think are encouraging are detrimental. Think of a soccer game that you’ve watched children participate in. Parents are yelling on the sidelines, offering guidance, where to run, to kick the ball, to run faster. Rachel, of the Hands Free Mama, has this suggestion. Instead of telling our child to run faster, get to the ball quicker, make that landing in gymnastics, we should say these six words: “I love to watch you play“.  I love to watch my son run. I love to see the muscles in his body move. I love to see him grin with pride. I love to see his body that my husband and I created. I even love that he’s so much faster than me and that I’ll have to meet him at the oranges post race.  It’s a miracle in every way (except for him being faster than me).

So tonight, instead of telling him to run fast, or to beat out any kid in his age group, I will tell him that I look forward to seeing him run back to the finish while I’m still running forward. I will love to watch him play and I will be thankful that we can participate in this activity together. Image Continue reading