Race Report- Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon

There’s something to be said about a hometown race. It’s good to be a local and I think it takes a lot of the stress out of the equation. I had a rather disappointing run at Myrtle Beach in January and I really wanted to have a positive experience with this weekend’s race. I knew that it was going to be my last half marathon until the Fall and I just wanted to end the season on a good note. I was a bit concerned since my last long run was almost a week and a half ago but I set the goal of running the whole 13.1 without walking.

Woke up to cloudy but not rainy skies which great considering the weather was calling for rain all day. Weather was 54 degrees, with light wind- a perfect day for a run. Met up with Paula and Julie and Julie’s track friends from high school who were in town to race as well. Piled into Julie’s car and went down to the beach for the start. This was the song that they were playing, which immediately put me in a good mood. My goal was to have fun and I was already off to a good start.

It’s hard to find people while standing in the dark surrounded by 5,000 other runners but we managed to find fellow Splash, Mash, and Dash members Stan and Jen. Before I knew it, we were off, heading out into the darkness.

Paula and I ran together and found Kate and her dad running. Kate’s dad is such a great inspiration. He has volunteered for the B2B med tent and when they asked if he was able to volunteer for this race replied that he was running and wouldn’t be available. How awesome is that. It was his first half marathon as well, so a big congrats to Dennis Murphy.

Other highlights include the awesome crowd support on one of the main roads (some of the race signs were so funny!), the guy with the great tattoos on each of his calfs (B2B and Kona), the woman who was drinking a Bloody Mary on her lawn and when I called her out came running up to me and let me have a sip(!)- you, kind woman of Landfall, know how to make a great drink!, and the cup of beer that was presented to me by volunteers at mile 12, and others whom we met along the course, some of whom were running their first 13.1.

I achieved my goal of running the whole time without stopping to walk so I was really happy. Hung out afterwards post race and then went to Front  Street Brewery with Paula for some pulled chicken nachos and my own Bloody Mary and my day was complete.

photo (14)

Stan, me, Jen, and Paula post race carb loading

Photo: Post race fun

Post race fun with Paula and Jen

Filling out my dance card for some fall half marathons and ready to switch my training for some spring sprint triathlons and a whole lot of fun! Here’s to Spring.