Splash, Mash, and Dash

Splash, Mash, and DashSplash, Mash, and Dash, Wants You!

  1. Do you like in the Wilmington area?
  2. Dabble in triathlons?
  3. Like to drink a beer after a run, bike, or swim?
  4. Want to hang out with fellow triathletes but feel like other groups are too “intense”?
  5. Don’t take yourself too seriously?

Have we got the group for you!

Splash, Mash, and Dash is currently recruiting new members for the 2014 season. We’re a newly formed USA Triathlon club that focuses on exercising in order  to support our beer drinking habits. Kidding! (Kind of). We have been known to gather for happy hour after a long swim and  are brought together by a love of triathlon. We have weekly swims, bike rides, and runs and accommodate all paces and ages. Check out our page at Splash, Mash, and Dash and come join us for a training run, bike, or ride. More weekly dates will be posted as the weather continues to warm up.


One thought on “Splash, Mash, and Dash

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