c medal

Sunday is little C’s eight birthday. The other night we were hanging out and he says to me, out of the blue “Mommy, I love you because you’re an athlete. I also love you because you made me”. An athlete. I’ve never considered myself to be an athlete. I consider it the highest compliment I have been given.

Little C’s other wish for his birthday is a weekend of fun. Beach time, dinner on the pier, surfing, soccer birthday party. No long run, no long bike. I’m having a bit of withdrawal and this morning wondered if I could get a long run in this weekend before he woke up.

Is that wrong? I’ve been working harder than last year, trying to approach the start of this race prepared. I’m climbing the ladder and I don’t want to slide down a couple of rungs. On the flip side, I have another 60+ days until race day. Would it be wrong to slow down for a few days and just relax? Is it summer after all….