It’s time

This week is finally race week. Race week is akin to going on an unknown vacation. You don’t know what to pack, you don’t want to be at work, you just want to get there. I can only imagine how people feel who haven’t done this course umpteen times. I think I’d go nutso on Google maps. I am intimately familiar with the B2B route. I know all it’s slippery bridges, cracks in pavement, road that looks like it would be smooth for biking but jars the crap out of you (I’m looking at you, Pender County) and yet as I write this, I realize that I’m terrified.  Seriously butterflies, OMG, what have I gotten myself into. As much time as I’ve spent, I know that come Saturday morning I will be nervous as all get out.

Compounding on that fact is my foot, my skateboarding trip gone awry. Friends of mine are already all to familiar with this, but for the rest of you, let’s just say I’m not 20 anymore and road rash hurts.

photo (3) (1)Exhibit A-

This is what an infection looks like

This is what an infection looks like

So there’s that. I was able to do the Color Me Rad run on Sunday with little C. He loved it but what eight year old wouldn’t.

I’m worried about my foot not healing in time and gimping through a half marathon after a 56 mile bike ride. I know that if my mind wasn’t preoccupied on my foot I’d be worried about something else. Like the fact that it’s going to be in the 30’s on race morning with a high of 62 (eeek!!!). Good thing for us halfers is that we don’t get into the water until 9 am so maybe the sun will warm things up for us a bit.

Tonight is an easy bike ride down at the beach and Friday the weekend begins with race meetings, packet pick up, expo, bike drop off, etc. C and little C are heading to the Piedmont for a soccer tournament but I have my mom and dad coming down to hang out with me. I’ll miss them, but I’m kind of looking forward to finishing a race and not having to go directly into “MOM” mode. Does that sound selfish? Probably, but how nice will it be to hang out and watch my fellow triathletes cross the finish line. I’m sure I’ll have one more post before race day. Until then…